Monday, June 30, 2008

Stories from work ...

Mohammad at KABOBfest reports on his friend Salah's first day at a new job.

Today was my first day at Jiffy Lube. Being a trainee, they still have not gotten around to making me a shirt with my name on it. I go in to find I only have 2 options of which shirt i wear, the two names being Raul and Juan David. Being a fan of hyphenated and multiple word first names, i said "sure, i can pull off a Juan David." its almost perfect, the combination of a common spanish name and a common white name. It turned out to be the best decision of my life.

Some notes/quotes throughout the day:

Me: Hi. Im sal... Juan David welcome to Jiffy Lube. can i take your car in for signature service?
Customer: As long as it doesn't smell like spic when i come back


Me: hi welcome to jiffy lube. are you here today for our signature service?
Customer (extremely surprised): Why yes i am...
Me: well then if you'll just pull the hood latch, ill drive your car in and get started.
Customer: you can speak english... and drive stick??!?

Go read the rest to find out why Salah thinks he made a great choice of shirts.

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