Monday, June 02, 2008

Meanwhile in Iraq ...

This isn't today's hot story, but it still matters.

A blogger who called himself "BlogIraq" went back to Baghdad to bring out his family. His friend reports:

He had an appointment that day with a guy he knew. This guy was supposed to get him some documents that prove corruption in some USAID office back in Baghdad. I don't have complete details about it. ...

His brother in-law found him dead with his friend in Mansour district in one of the small streets there. Thank God his body was found, unlike many of our friends who were killed or just vanished without a trace.

When I first setup this blog for him, he gave me the admin password of his blog and I gave him the password of mine. We agreed that whoever dies first, the other should write about it in his blog. Its just my bad luck that he died first.

Iraq is off the front pages of U.S. newspapers these days. But Iraqis are still living what we have wrought.

H/t Baghdad Treasure.

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