Saturday, June 21, 2008

"Hungry for Change" bake sale

On the day it was announced that Move-On is closing down its associated 527 committee, Move-On's people were out in force, selling cookies.

So-called "527 committees" (it's an IRS thing) can legally raise big donations for political ads. Move-On had a 527 arm in the 2004 campaign, mothballed it in 2005, and is counting on the small donation gravy train for political work that the internet organization pioneered, and Senator Obama has perfected.

So the bake sales, and other small donor fund raising gambits, will go on.

This one along the waterfront in New York's Riverside Park was kind of sweet. Most of the contributors lived in one Manhattan building -- they had gotten to know each other through their Move-On activities.

They were not particularly happy with their candidate today. They think Obama could have done more to repudiate Bush's new FISA authority and against warrantless wiretapping.

But they were having a good time in the sun, including this daughter-mother pair.

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