Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tahoe postscript

This is for any of my elderblogger friends who may think me mad for trudging around on mountains. This morning we pampered our stiff legs with a short walk on a trail that led to a public beach on Lake Tahoe.

On our way there, we were passed by this woman running, her long white braid swinging behind her.

When we got to the shore, there she was in three feet of cold water, walking repeats of about 100 yards, back and forth, against the resistance of the lake.

She responded with a laugh when we applauded her grit.

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Darlene said...

I know another hardy soul like your elder who was running and going in the cold water. My Swiss friend, Margrit, bikes, hikes, and is very healthy at the age of 79 (I am not positive about her age but it's close).

When they visited me the 105* F. temperature didn't stop them from hiking daily in the canyons and mountains surrounding Tucson. I told her she would live to be the oldest woman on earth and I believe it.

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