Thursday, April 29, 2010

Arizonans themselves can strike back against racism

This guy has one idea.

Opponents of Arizona's Latino profiling law may be a minority these days, but there is still something they can do to help prevent their state from serving as a symbol of contemporary bigotry. According to the AP at

On Wednesday, a group filed papers to launch a referendum drive that could put the law on hold until 2012 if organizers wait until the last minute to turn in petition signatures needed to get the measure on the ballot.

Opponents of the law have until late July or early August to file the more than 76,000 signatures , the same time the law is set to go into effect. If they get enough signatures, the law would be delayed until a vote.

But the deadline to put a question on the November ballot is July 1, and a referendum filing later than that could delay a vote on the law until 2012, officials with the Secretary of State's Office said.

"That would be a pretty big advantage" to the law's opponents, said Andrew Chavez, head of a Phoenix-based petition-circulating firm and chairman of the One Arizona referendum campaign.

Way to go. Gum up the works and let the wingnut law fester in limbo for awhile, during which time people in the rest of the country build up an understanding of the enormity of the direction Arizona wants to go.

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Boadicea said...

I wish there was a place to post the names of the racists here for the purpose of public humiliation.

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