Friday, April 23, 2010

Saturday scenes:
There's a new bird in the 'hood


Returning home Thursday evening, I noticed some folks pasting signs on empty walls. That's not unusual around the Mission. Unlike the people I think of as the "sign fascists" who come along scraping notices off poles, I don't much mind so long as the signs aren't commercial and are not all over someone's property. I'd be annoyed about that. But these weren't.

Rufous is kind of cute.

And something big and mean is out to get him.

Learn more at Clean Up, Not Cover Up. The Lennar Corporation is the big national developer that has got itself a piece of the old San Francisco Hunters Point shipyard area with the support of the Mayor and building trades unions -- but without the agreement of the neighborhood. Most recently they sent an undercover security guard with a gun to a community meeting.

Apparently this hummingbird feels threatened.

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