Sunday, April 04, 2010

An interesting Sunday in the 'hood

I've written before, over a year ago, about my neighbors being evicted so their landlord could convert the six unit building they'd lived in for decades into profitable condominiums. He may have picked the wrong real estate market in which to try to maximize his profits. Anyway, for nearly a year, contractors have been shoring up the structure, gutting the interior, and, recently, putting humpty-dumpty together again with new appliances and fixtures. Last week, they just about finished the exterior painting.


Meanwhile, notices had gone out for a rally right around the corner ...
Hmmm ...

We returned home from Easter Sunday services to find a bus that sure looked like the sort of thing anarchist activists might ride in parked out front ...


and some of San Francisco's finest clambering into position to protect property.

A fellow in the bus checks out the line up.

The property owner arrived from the 'burbs to defend his own ...

And that's all the story there was, at least as we saw it. After 45 minutes of hoping to see some conclusion to this stand off, we decided the bus was a decoy and the cops were getting rained on for nothing. We went out to breakfast.

When we got back an hour and half later, the police were just leaving and said nothing had happened. I wonder whether some Homesnotjails folks are squatting somewhere nearby.

UPDATE: Here are pictures of where the squat ended up on San Jose Avenue.

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MadPriest said...

That landlord looks like a made man to me.

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