Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Counting queers

I'm doing some work about the census and that has me looking at some of the many videos that have been made to urge various populations to fill in their forms. Some of them are a little surprising. I find these heartwarming. None is more than a minute long.

Like the lady says, "All citizens need to be counted equally." Also folks who are here who aren't citizens ...

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Anonymous said...

I'm confused by what they're saying about transgender folks. The form asks if your "sex" is "M" or "F." How is that different from forms in the past? Couldn't people have always marked whichever "sex" box they felt indicated their gender identity? The form doesn't actually ask for "gender" or ask you to count yourself as transgender. As far as I can tell, the only thing it does to recognize LGBT folks is to count couples who live together. That IS a big deal, but the people at Queer the Census say there should be boxes for sexual orientation & gender identity added to the form (which would help to count people regardless of whether they are living as a couple or not). What do you think? - Emily

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