Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Education for citizenship

This is obviously a puff piece for a school program defending its funding -- but hey, it's still inspiring. Give it a look. [4:50] I hope government and schools stick with 'em. Many years ago I worked in the California Central Valley town of Arvin, featured here, when it was pretty much a war zone during a United Farm Workers Union organizing campaign. Maybe there is hope for U.S. democracy yet. (H/t The Thicket.)

Here's an example of another kind of citizenship education. [2:57]

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers figured they could dramatize for us what really happens when workers try to exercise their rights in the workplace: 78 percent are forced to attend closed door meetings with management; 75 percent of employers bring in professional union-busters.

Yes, workers needs to be free to form unions if they wish to without having to withstand this kind of intimidation.

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