Saturday, August 21, 2010

Saturday scenes and scenery:
Oxen and drivers compete in sled pull at the fair

One of the first competitions at the annual Martha's Vineyard Agricultural Society Fair is this obstacle course for pairs of beasts over 3200 pounds.

Doesn't look so tough, does it? The sled is not weighted ...

... but these huge working animals need to make some tight turns, all trying for a "clean run" -- no bumped cones at the fastest pace they can manage.

The yoke holds the team together -- and the driver reinforces shouted directions with taps from his whip.

Negotiating the course requires a kind of a dance.

A winning team enjoys a victory lap without that pesky sled.


libhom said...

I love that farmer's tee shirt.

Ronni Bennett said...

Wow - you've inspired me to maybe get off my butt and get to the Oregon State Fair which begins in a week or so.

Terrific photos.