Saturday, September 18, 2010

Saturday scenes and scenery:
Orange Alley murals, part 1

The celebrated Balmy Alley murals are not the San Francisco Mission's only block with an interesting collecton of embellishments. Darker and grittier, Orange Alley between 25th and 26th also has some interesting art on garage doors and back fences.

There are a multiplicity of genres, some more arresting than others.

It does not appear that these neighbors have negotiated any unity of theme.

Or perhaps contemporary themes are simply more diverse than the liberation themes initiated on Balmy in 1972.

My favorite among the various efforts is the vaguely Japanese-influenced "Shitty Kitty" tryptich:


No -- I don't know what it means either.

At the Alley's end, there's a Madonna and plea.

Below her gaze, the plea went unheeded.

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Steven Weinberg said...

Glad you liked Shitty Kitty's mural on Orange Alley. You can learn all about her here -

And if you're in Brooklyn this week you should come by our Shitty Kitty Meet Up this Tuesday. It's at Mission Dolores Bar on 4th ave from 6pm onwards! (At these a bunch of folks meet and then draw Shitty Kitty comics. It's a lot of fun.) More about that here-


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