Monday, September 20, 2010

No enthusiasm gap here ...

Members of a new alliance of community groups, San Francisco Rising, rallied in the Outer Mission fog on Saturday before taking to the streets to talk with voters about several November ballot propositions.

They support two measures that would raise revenue for the cash strapped city. As is true of all levels of government, the recession has lowered tax receipts. Many services, especially those vital to low income residents, have been badly hurt by budget cuts -- these folks think the appropriate response to civic poverty is to raise more money from people who have it.

Prop. J would add 2 percent to the city's hotel tax and close a quirky loophole that currently lowers the tax for people who book on the internet. It is countered by Prop. K, a poison pill measure that would tinker with the internet calculation of the hotel tax, but prevent the increase. Naturally the Chamber of Commerce likes that one; the Central Labor Council and the hotel workers; union Local 2 support Prop. J as an alternative to prevent more service cuts.

Prop. N is another revenue raising measure that would increase the real estate transfer tax on properties that sell for over $5 million. It's sponsor, Supervisor John Avalos (left above), turned out for the rally.

The community groups working together in San Francisco Rising include Coleman Advocates for Children, PODER, Causa Justa, Filipino Community Center, Day Laborers, SOMCAN, POWER, Mujeres Unidas y Activas, and the Chinese Progressive Association.

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