Monday, September 20, 2010

Another solution to providing campaign food

Volunteers need to eat. A campaign ignores this truism at its peril.

And the food that campaigns provide makes for an interesting anthropological data set about our culture. I laid out my thesis about this in detail here.

If the campaign is run by labor and the volunteers are working class people, there will be donuts. If the campaign is run by community advocates and recruits the employees of non-profit organizations, there will be bagels.

The community organizing outfits that compose San Francisco Rising offered an interesting variation on Saturday. When people signed in, they got this:
mobe food.jpg

The mobilization gathered in the far Outer Mission, the San Francisco that tourists seldom see where poor and working class people live. Organizers had made an arrangement with a new cafe next to the Filipino Community Center to feed the hungry. They signed in and got a sticker and a food ticket. Nice touch.

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