Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Navigating the media landscape, part two

Over on Facebook, a friend asked in response to the previous post: "where's your list [of interesting opinion writers]?"

Some of the essential ones I mention here often:
  • Charles Blow at the NYT;
  • Josh Marshall at TPM when he's wearing his historian hat;
  • Ed Kilgore on U.S. politics, especially the view from the U.S. South and religiosity ;
  • Paul Waldman at The Week; also at the Washington Post but they paywall.
And here are some that may be a little less obvious:
  • Jamelle Bouie on politics and especially on correcting the history;
  • Felix Salmon who used to report on business and finance for Reuters and now writes on what interests him at Fusion;
Understand, I don't necessarily agree with these people, but I find I can learn from them. The list strikes me as particularly weak on women. I imagine this is at least in part because women opinion writers still don't have equal access to gigs that pay them to write regularly.

 I could go on with about 15 more, but I'm camped in an airport, preparing to board ... Enough for now. Who do readers look to for informative opinion?  

UPDATE: In honor of Giving Tuesday, may I suggest working on the paucity of women's voices by supporting Echoing Ida? I did.

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