Thursday, December 03, 2015

Who cares if the man had a record? Definitely the SFPD.

Looks a lot like target practice, doesn't it?

The San Francisco Police Department has given a name to the man they shot in the Bayview yesterday.

He was Mario Woods, 26, a resident of the city. And he's dead because 10 cops couldn't think of anything to do on finding him but shoot him.

And as naturally as night follows day, they've released everything they've got that would make him out to be a bad dude, someone who deserved to be surrounded by drawn guns and executed by a firing squad. I find their story a little thin, but here it is.

According to the Chron:

Man killed by S.F. police had criminal history The 26-year-old man shot to death Wednesday by San Francisco police in a street confrontation in the Bayview had spent nearly all his adult life in prison.

In March 2008, at age 19, Mario Woods — then a suspected member of the Oakdale Mob street gang — was arrested after he fled from a botched robbery at a pool hall in the city’s Crocker-Amazon district, police and prosecutors say.

The cops nailed him for that one, got him labelled a "gang member," and he served about four years. He got out in 2014. The lawyer in that proceeding described him as "never aggressive." A Bayview neighbor described the man he knew:

Cedric Smith, a 47-year-old real estate entrepreneur who lives near where the shooting took place, said he saw Woods around the neighborhood frequently and the type of threatening behavior described by police did not fit his personality.

“He wasn’t a big guy, definitely not a trouble maker,” Smith said. “You’d see him around drinking a beer or smoking a cigarette, but he walked real slow and might’ve had a disability. He wasn’t a threat to nobody.

Okay, so opinions about Woods differ. But he's still dead by police shooting. Officers decided he had to go -- and he's gone.

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Hattie said...

The cops need to throw down their weapons and join the human race. It's sickening.

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