Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Video of execution by SFPD firing squad

Tonight I was talking with a friend about how, though the San Francisco Police Department has a bad history of shooting Black men, lately they'd been knocking off more Latinos, including Mission District residents Amilcar Perez-Lopez and Alex Nieto.

But then I came home to see this. African-Americans are only 3 percent of the city's people, but still get shot here mighty easily. This happened in the Bayview this afternoon. Yes, the man is dead.

A video posted by HotRod (@daniggahot) on

How can the cops claim to have felt threatened by one small, wobbly man who was surrounded by six or more officers with drawn guns? I can't tell from the video whether he was really holding a knife, but that hardly matters. He didn't have magical powers. The threat was in their heads, not in his hands.

Yes, the man is dead and I suppose, along with being told that the officers here acted lawfully, we might someday be told his name.


Susan Leone Starr said...

well, I actually do not believe the cops felt their lives were threatened. I believe they know they are safe to kill as many colored men as they like. And can we prove them wrong? what about if they just killed this man because they are pissed at people trying to hold them accountable? what if they killed him just because they could? in short, isn't it time for us to STOP taking police at their word???

Hattie said...

I'm having difficulties commenting. Hope this works.
What I have been trying to post is that I could not bring myself to watch those goons with guns execute that poor man.

janinsanfran said...

Hattie: The video I put up doesn't show the moment of the shooting. But it sure as hell shows the SFPD had this staggering gent surrounded against a wall by multiple officers aiming guns at him. They can only by the most insane stretch of the imagination claim "threat" in such circumstances. We are seeing someone killed because the officers have learned they can shoot without penalty.

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