Thursday, December 10, 2015

San Franciscans demand justice for Mario Woods

Residents of the Bayview neighborhood where the SFPD killed Mario Woods last week took to the steps of City Hall on Wednesday night before a meeting of the Police Commission. Their prominent banner testifies to the sad truth of the displacement of Black San Francisco under the tsunami of gentrification.

Several hundred people supported neighborhood speakers demanding justice for Woods.

Later many protesters trooped inside to shout out "Fire Chief Suhr!"

Widely distributed videos of Wood's killing show a small man limping slowly away from a circle of cops with drawn guns. The Police Chief and police union defend officers' use of force.


Susan Leone Starr said...

your posts are such a contribution to those of us who love what/who san francisco was for one, brief shining moment a few decades back. may i ask you, please, to not use the term "justice for mario"? there can be no such thing under the face of the sun.

Hattie said...

SF has always been a tough place underneath its veneer. Fascinating, once, of course. It is still tough but no longer fascinating.

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