Saturday, December 12, 2015

Saturday scenes: harvest and other wreaths

When I was growing up, a "wreath" meant a ring of evergreen cuttings, perhaps decorated with a red bow, that hung at Christmas on the front door. Not any more. I think this one contains artichokes, but maybe I'm wrong. These days, door decorations seem to appear for all seasons. Here are a few spotted while Walking San Francisco this autumn.

Leaves are certainly colorful.

I'm not sure small pumpkins work so well.

On the other hand, these gourds are artfully arranged.

I suspect this pair of being made of bromeliads; I'm sure someone who is better at plants will correct me if I'm wrong.

Now there is a wreath for the true fan. This wasn't the Giants' year, but there have been enough World Series seasons lately to make this understandable.


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Guess what? I have an evergreen wreath with a red bow hanging next to the front door.