Thursday, December 01, 2016

Fight to preserve everyone's right to vote

Two maps show why the GOP/Trump regime can be expected to advance federal voter suppression legislation. These maps also show why they intend to seat a neo-Confederate Attorney General (Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions) who will not enforce the remnants of the Voting Rights Act that survived their stacked Supreme Court.

Via The Upshot.

If all citizens are freely able to participate, white nationalism will die off along with its aging white base. That's what is at stake in the voting rights fight.

Voter suppression will take many forms: false charges of fraud, voter ID requirements that are hard for poor and young people to satisfy, English-only balloting, limited registration and polling options, whatever the GOPers can think up. The attack on voting rights may seem abstract when set against immediate assaults on the safety and livelihood of communities of color. But our white supremacists are clear-sighted about this: they can't hang on forever unless they deny majority rule.

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