Thursday, December 29, 2016

Still waiting for District Attorney Gascon to charge Amilcar's killers

After 38 weekly vigils, still no word on whether San Francisco cops can kill residents without any accountability in a court of law.
Facts you may not know.

• 20 year-old Amilcar was a funny, loyal, and thoughtful person working multiple jobs to send money back home to his family in Guatemala

• An independent autopsy report showed SFPD shot six bullets into Amilcar's back

• After both the independent autopsy and the San Francisco Medical Examiner disproved the chief’s initial report, SFPD changed their story

• SFPD Officers Eric Reboli & Craig Tiffe are STILL on patrol in Amilcar's neighborhood

Much more on this nearly two year old case of SFPD impunity: What the police won’t tell you about the Amilcar Lopez killing.

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