Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Yemen: our forgotten war

Yesterday the BBC reported on the devastating consequences to starving Yemeni infants caught within that particular used war.

The crisis in Yemen has been overshadowed by the wars in Syria and Iraq. Barely 50% of the funding promised by donors has actually been delivered.

The senior UN official in the country, Jamie McGoldrick, is clearly exasperated at the international response.

"The politics of the situation has overcome the humanity," he says.

"The humanity doesn't work anymore here. The world has turned a blind eye to what's happening in Yemen... right now we are so under-resourced for this crisis, it's extraordinary."

Saudi attacks have destroyed the infrastructure of survival. The United States is paying for and abetting this carnage -- as usual with only the most murky of objectives.

In her latest analytical article, Erudite Partner has tried to explicate: The forgotten war in Yemen and the unchecked war powers of the presidency in the age of Trump. She does a pretty good job.

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