Thursday, February 04, 2010

Budget follies short-takes:
Where our money goes

You don't have to believe me. Here's Jon Taplin, a Professor at the USC Annenberg School for Communication, suggesting there could be Life After Empire. He presents this chart:

Then he asks

In what way does this have to be the world's reality? Who named us the unpaid cop of the planet?

... We need to put all of this on the table politically. Just who in Congress has the guts to form a coalition between progressives and libertarians, to really air the cost of empire and to imagine what America could be like once it shed its imperial burdens, is still an open question. But the conversation needs to start now.

(Since we're in national budget season, I'm not going to to resist offering occasional short comments on budget matters and process under this headline, just as I have done about health care reform. I have strong foundational views on what the U.S. government ought to be doing about and with taxpayers' money that I've laid out in this post.)

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CrisisMaven said...

That will soon come to an end, like with all failed states they're then not even able to guard their nuclear arsenal: Safe Assets and Sore Surprises. By the way, I have just added an Economics Reference List ( to my economics blog with economic data series, history, bibliographies etc. for students & researchers. Currently over 200 meta sources, it will in the next days grow to over a thousand. Check it out and if you miss something, feel free to leave a comment.

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