Thursday, February 04, 2010

President speaks to OFA

It would be greatly exaggerating to call what Obama did in front of some Organizing for America (OFA) folks in Virginia this afternoon a conversation. More like a stump speech from a guy on the verge of exhaustion. The Prez had none of the animation he showed last Friday with the Republicans. Wonder what's going on that left him looking so deflated?

Though he repeated the mantra "I am not going to walk away from these fights," he sure wasn't making any promise that health care reform will get passed. In fact, he defaulted to saying the voters in November will get to express what they think of the "hard" process of Congressional action on reform. Not encouraging.

Watching him online, I kept thinking of John Judis' article He's a Yuppie. Judis gets a lot right -- and something basic wrong. He's a Buppie. Being black, he's got a bit more of an edge than your basic Yuppie; he's had to be a lot smarter and tougher. But he does carry some very Yup mannerisms and expectations -- such as that intellect matters -- that characterize Yuppies. Today he wasn't firing. But he wouldn't be President if there wasn't another more animated way of being the O-man. We'll see.

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