Friday, February 12, 2010

OFA says "we'll fight"

As of this morning, Organizing for America has accumulated activist pledges of 3.3 million hours on behalf of Congresscritters supporting health care reform.

Congressional Dems better pass the thing. It's one matter to disappoint political junkies who have watched every twist and turn of this process and have seen most of its progressive components dropped to win acquiescence from insurers, doctors, hospitals and the pharmaceutical industry. But now the Democratic powers-that-be are trying to call into action people who just know health care reform is the right thing to do. That's a potent force when organized for action as the Obama campaign showed. But should those folks slip into cynicism, the long term harm to hopes for U.S. democracy will be incalculable.

We're very close to slipping off a cliff here. I hear it every day.

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