Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I have seen the promised land


In the last election cycle, the VAN (Voter Activation Network) became the essential voter database for Democratic campaigners. Did you work to find and turn out voters? You used the VAN with various looks depending on the particular campaign you worked on.

Next time, you'll be able to do this using an iPhone or iPodTouch as you make your calls or go door to door. The free front-end for the database, the MiniVAN Touch, is online now at the App Store.

For old timers who chased around with sheaves of paper and clipboards, this is as big as news gets.

Via TechPresident.

1 comment:

Rebecca Gordon said...

Wow! The Promised Land, indeed. I guess I won't miss the clipboards - and all the follow-up data entry!

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