Sunday, February 07, 2010

Not all news is bad

Speaker Pelosi's office clearly has a fine statistical display artist. Check out this chart:

Readable version here.

Though this is designed to score political points, that doesn't make it false. We'll see.
Meanwhile I went in to see my barber Friday. She's a sole proprietor, the very essence of a small business person. And she was mad. She had just read in the newspaper that "that guy Scott Brown says the stimulus didn't help anyone."

"I know better!" Her husband, an electrician, had just got on a long term job at the airport after 15 months out of work. "First they extended his unemployment so we were able to keep our house. Now he's on a project that will go at least a year thanks to the stimulus. The building had shut down, but it started again when the money came in."

She decided she is going to write a letter to the newspaper. "They never explain when one of these politicians says things that aren't true."

That's citizenship. And that's good news.


libhom said...

The corporate media let conservative politicians get away with lying all the time. It's so frustrating. Good for her.

OM said...

That's the problem with the media. They treat every issue as if it's debatable. When one side brings facts and the other brings opposing talking points, then it's the journalist's job to treat the facts as truth rather than as one side of the story.

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