Saturday, April 07, 2007

On being an Arbitron household

If you are bothered by what's available to you on radio, you probably should be. My household has, for the second time, just done a week's stint reporting to Arbitronwhat we listened to from Wednesday through Thursday. Arbitron complies ratings and sells them to stations which use them to set ad rates.

We dutifully filled out our logs (and pocketed the shiny new one dollar bills they sent us) but, if you saw my Media Consumption Diet meme post, you'll know that radio isn't a big part of my life. And what I do hear comes almost entirely from the web. Wonder what they do with that data? They do ask us to record it.


markp said...

I'm a new arbition household
myself -only we got that PPM
instead of the diary method
I think its a great idea

Anonymous said...

Can MrPanitz please let us know what incentives Arbitron is giving his family to keep a PPM?

I understand they are making use of gift cards now (or maybe that's BS), but I'd really like details as to how the incentives work, what they are worth and places they come from.

Arbitron will not give us the info - so if we'd really like to know.