Sunday, April 01, 2007

Rising seas

Ever wonder what global warming and rising seas could do to your neighborhood? Here's mine:

That darker blue on the right is San Francisco Bay. The lighter blue is the amount of what is currently land (and houses and warehouses and roads...) that would be covered by the Bay if the seas rose one meter.

At three meters of rise, much of what is now the Bayview district would be covered.

At ten meters, a large new bay would cover parts of Highway 101. We'll need those boats that are supposed to go with rising seas.

You can find your own location, anywhere in the world, and see what various heights of rising waters would inundate by clicking here. Just choose your continent at the top and work your way to your location.

H/t to Corey McKill at Gristmill.

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Civic Center said...

Love the maps. I'm safe, if one can say such a thing living on the San Andreas Fault, in two different places from the 14M water surge. Now I just have to survive that long.