Saturday, April 28, 2007

Six weird things about me

Order of Santa Ignora said: "if you haven’t done this, TAG!" Because I've been running a fever for the last few days and have low energy, I consider myself tagged to write six weird things about myself.

I have slightly webbed toes. (Pictured above -- the pimple thingy is where I was bitten by something in Nicaragua.) In grade school, kids asked me why I didn't have them fixed? FIXED? I was appalled. What's wrong with webbed toes? Thus began a life of being different!

I only wear white or black wool socks -- and the lovely ones my partner knits for me!

I'm addicted to instant coffee. I don't understand the appeal of the expensive, slow stuff -- and I don't want to get as buzzed as I would if I drank real coffee. I want to be able to slurp all day.

I have a phobia about viewing movies on screens in theaters. I don't like being loomed over by big scary humans. When I was a kid, my bored housewife mother hauled me to the Hitchcock thrillers she loved -- I've never recovered.

I love American football. I'm the viewer all the networks love who'll watch pretty much any game anywhere: East Podunk U. v. Nowhere State is fine, though I did draw the line last year at following the California state high school championships. Oddly, I've only been to one big time game in person: an Army v. Navy game in the early 60s when Kennedy was president. He crossed the field to watch from the other rooting section at half time. Even handed for a Navy man. Roger Staubach led Navy to a resounding victory. Though we went on my Navy uncle's tickets, I was for Army. Oh well.

I'm addicted to Snood. My highest score ever is 35956. Don't let yourself get started -- you've been warned.

So who do I tag? Since so many bloggers I read have done this, I'll just repeat the broad invitation: "if you haven’t done this, TAG!" Though sfmike you might enjoy this.


Civic Center said...

Love the webbed toes.

As for my six weird things, I think I'll pass since I've been trying to fit in all my life, really. It just hasn't quite worked out that way.

Kay Dennison said...

Somone wiser that I once said, "Everyone is weird; some of us are proud of it." I'll accept your TSG!! and post 6 weird things about me! The trick will be figuring out which 6? lol