Friday, April 13, 2007

A shout-out for a friend

My friend, right, was a bugler.

A friend died this week. She wouldn't like me to write about her, so I won't. But, twenty years before I did, she attended an obscure "Turkish-themed" summer camp in Vermont that had a "camp yell." We broke out in it occasionally once we discovered we'd both learned it as girls.

Here goes, one more time, for her:
"Hooray, lashamonda-gondalaya-gorapiniah!"


beyondimensions said...

nice blog!

Anonymous said...

If you're curious, the summer camp that you referred to is now Camp Farnsworth, a girl scout camp in Thetford, Vermont. It's been around for over a hundred years, and before it was a girls scout camp it was Turkish themed. They still use the camp yell, Ho-Ray Lachimonda Gondalaya Gora Piniya!