Sunday, April 08, 2007

Some Nicaraguan birds and other critters

For no better reason than having enjoyed the extraordinary opportunity to take these pictures in various locations on the shores of Lake Nicaragua, here are some of the creatures we saw while traveling with El Porvenir. I'm not a birder and my Spanish is rudimentary, so the names I ascribe to these birds may be either weirdly spelled phonetic approximations or just plain wrong. Please comment if you can enlighten me.

This more or less tame macaw had a lot to say to us...

while these domesticated parrots focused mostly on each other.

There were little songbird critters.

Also large fishing sorts of birds -- this was called an "ajinga."

Some kind of green heron.

Ibis with a night heron.

Another heron.


Roseate spoonbills look like they belong in Alice in Wonderland.

Pygmy kingfisher.


Capuchin monkey forages above.

This fellow waited on the bank of the Rio Papaturas for something unwary to float by.

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MadPriest said...

The handsome, dignified fellow in the middle does not look like he would take kindly to being referred to as "some kind of green heron." I think you'll find his name is Nigel.