Friday, August 14, 2015

A perennial question: Who's next?

When the people you live among are enthusiastically voting to take away what little hope you have -- education for the children, emergency health care, stable work -- and deliver you to be deported, you ask the question.


How can I be safe in America if I can’t be safe in my body? It is a confrontation with a most discomforting concept: that there is no amount of righteous behavior, no neighborhood right enough, to produce sufficient security.

It produces a particular kind of terror, a feeling of nakedness and vulnerability, a fear that makes people furious at the very idea of having to be afraid.

Charles Blow

What can people who are on the butt end of injustice do but A) come together, B) draw strength from those beside them and anyone else who will respectfully accompany them, and C) demand the injustice stop NOW! Organize!

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