Sunday, August 16, 2015

Letter from Lebanon: August 13, 14, 15

Reproduced with permission from the writer: Tina from Beirut.

Dear Friends,

On August 13, it was the first anniversary of the killing of Yazidis in Iraq, I went at the screening of a documentary on this massacre, done by a Lebanese journalist who was the first Lebanese to make it there. I cried.

On August 14, it was the 9th anniversary of the defeat of the Zionists in Lebanon. I am sure you remember what happened then and how the Zionists destroyed large parts of the infrastructure of our country from North to South. And during those 33 days, what happened was a total support [by] the majority of Maronites for the million Shiaa who left their homes in the South and moved North. Many, many homes were destroyed and when leaving, the Israelis left behind more than 100,000 cluster bombs. And of course you recall that without the support of the [U.S.] Empire, all this would not have happened.

Yesterday, there was a very moving ceremony organized by Hezballah in a valley in the South, the place were the Mirkava tanks were attacked and destroyed, after which the Zionist soldiers just ran away, it was on August 14.

Today, we, in my part of the world, we are still in a war zone created by the Empire and its allies, be it the Zionists or the Saudis or the Qataris or the Europeans. This war zone includes Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Yemen.

I am well aware that you are not anymore the activists who can move things in the US, like I am not in my country either; but you are still people involved in politics and you will be voting or maybe even working on campaigns for presidential candidates. Please, please, look at what is a candidate's stand on my part of the world before getting excited for her/him. Really, really, until now who ever was your president, he took part in the destruction of my part of the world and in the destruction of my country in particular.

Do you know that it is your government who is stopping the election of the strongest Christian/Maronite in Lebanon, Michel Aoun, because he is not under the control of anyone and because he is an ally of Hezballah? Do you know that your ambassador gets involved even in stopping a specific general to head the Lebanese Army? This to give you just small details.

August 15, it is the "our lady's holy day" Mary is considered the protector of Lebanon, she is the replacement of Ashtarut (Ashtar) the goddess who was the goddess of our mountains.

I am not a believer, but Mariam is our goddess. I love it, especially that she is loved by both Muslim and Christians. Yes yes I am a non-believer, but my name on my ID is Christiane Maria and any Takfirist will recognize me as a Christian and would kill me ...

One day, the Empire will disappear. I doubt this will happen in our lifetime. Hopefully it will disappear before destroying totally my part of the world.

With my love ...

If you've forgotten the Israeli assault on Lebanon in 2006, this Seymour Hersh article from the New Yorker tells the sordid story.

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