Tuesday, August 04, 2015

The Donald grabs eyeballs ...

... even here in the 'hood.
I doubt if the attention he gets around here translates to support. But he's a phenom.

With a mix of aggression, boffo self-assertion and nonsense, Trump has managed to boil modern Republicanism down to a hard precipitate form, shorn of the final vestiges of interest in actual governing.

In the economics of Crazy, there is purity and volume. Trump has brought to market a purer and more widely deployable product. He has also radically increased volume. Like a high-flying tech start-up or new drug syndicate, he has radically devalued the product, while dominating the transformed market in a way that allows him to make a killing even against reduced prices and margins. ... In both purity and volume, his competitors simply cannot compete.

Joshua Marshall, TPM


Rain Trueax said...

I suspect it means real support. Now maybe when they find out more about his beliefs, it'll dissipate. I think he's supposed to put out an opinion sheet and maybe that'll soften some support. Currently, they say he'd draw 34% of Republicans if he ran independent. He would also get some Democrats, the ones who don't like immigration, etc. If he does run independent, he likely assures Hillary the win but why would he care? He used to support her... The scary scenario is if he actually won and then appointed like Palin as Secretary of State or maybe it'd be Bolton. That's when it stops being funny and gets scary. Trump does not have the personality to govern which doesn't mean he couldn't win. Bush did.

Hattie said...

That is too funny but also true. He is like a cheap,debased product. That's exactly right.

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