Thursday, August 06, 2015

It's the 70th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima

At sunrise members of the Martha's Vineyard Peace Council and friends gathered near Gay Head Lighthouse to reflect, mourn, pray and stoke their collective determination to work to ensure that nuclear weapons are never again used.

This country does have a chance at this time to affirm a diplomatic deal to keep Iran out of the nuclear bomb business for at least 10 years. There may be enough Republican Congresscritters and Senators who want to kick President Obama one more time to field a majority against this sensible measure. But if marginally more civilized members stick together, they can uphold a veto. That's what keeping the deal will probably take. It's time again to batter your Congresscritters for peace!

My Senators, Feinstein and Boxer, have lined up for the deal. Have yours? Here's a current tally of Senators.

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