Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The fighting mannikins put their dukes up, pummel women

Marco Rubio, one of the 17 Republican dwarfs running for president, says

“I’ll support any legislation that reduces the number of abortions ...”

But we know he doesn't. As Paul Waldman points out, Republican platforms have for years called for an end to any exceptions to an abortion ban -- even for women who are raped, molested by a male relative, or might die if made to give birth.

Nor do these pitiful creatures have any interest in a proven measure to prevent abortions: if we ensure easy, free access to long acting contraception, young women don't have so many unwanted pregnancies. Colorado made the experiment.

The initiative provided women with free IUDs (intrauterine devices) or hormonal implants that can prevent pregnancy for up to 10 years, resulting in a 40 percent decline in birthrates among teen moms and a 42 percent decline in teen abortions from 2009 to 2013 ...

Not for the first time, I wonder how the dwarves would react to a fool proof mechanical means to prevent irresponsible fatherhood ...


Hattie said...

The 17 white dwarfs.

janinsanfran said...

But Hattie -- how could you miss Ben Carson, a Black man well suited to Republican needs. :-)

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