Saturday, August 15, 2015

Today it begins ...

... the San Francisco (San Carlos) 49ers take the field for their first preseason game.

It is hard to anticipate the arrival of the season with hope. Horror seems more appropriate.Fans have seen
  • ... the precipitate departure of a winning coach
  • retirements and leave-takings, perhaps departures from a sinking ship?
  • releases of guys who couldn't control themselves
  • yet another roster of cast offs and newbies
  • an exciting but undeveloped quarterback, perhaps surrounded by a cast among whom he'll never be able to prove himself ...
Meanwhile football itself becomes more and more suspect, arbitrarily governed, leaching the life from vibrant young men who mistake brawn and bluster for accomplishment. All for the profit of 32 billionaires.

Perhaps this year I'll finally lose interest. Or perhaps not.

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