Sunday, July 12, 2009

Green Jobs for a Green Future

Van Jones, an old friend, got a job as the Green Jobs evangelist for the White House. It's a great fit for him. Learn all about it. [3:25]

He said he wouldn't go inside the system, but I'm glad he did. If we're serious, we need to go where we can to get things done that need to get done.

Until July 18, I'll be working my butt off at the General Convention of the Episcopal Church, trying to move us closer to full inclusion of all baptized people, including LGBT people, in all the life of the Church. This time is what we political junkies call "campaign mode" -- the crazy, exhausting 18 hour days of frenetic activity that sometimes win changes we seek and sometimes lead only to deep disappointment. I'm hopeful about how this project will work out. If you are curious about how we're doing, you can follow all the General Convention news at the LGBT advocacy group Integrity's GC portal. I don't expect to blog during this time except perhaps a few photos, but I've got at least a rudimentary post set up for every day, many of them more reflective than the time-sensitive political commentary I often write here. Enjoy.

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Darlene said...

Sunday Morning had a segment on a woman who has her upscale community up in arms because she is hanging her laundry outside. She claims it's to save the environment. I am all for that, but I solve the problem by washing all my clothes in cold water and drying them in the dryer on 'air dry' setting.

My air conditioner is running constantly because we are having a heat wave. I must look into the weatherizing program.

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