Saturday, July 04, 2009

Pismo Beach patriotism


The patriotic angel in the previous post seemed to me "camp," a tongue in cheek display. This one spotted yesterday seemed more serious.

Can anyone enlighten me about this (unfamiliar to me) cultural iconography?

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Betty Johanna said...

The patriotic angels in the Mission neighborhood window and the Pismo Beach front porch are store-bought, identical, and probably made in China. I'm guessing an impulse purchase by someone who is both Christian (or at least a fan of angels) and views themselves as patriotic, or someone who simply wanted something different and who came across the "4th of July buy me" table at a grocery store. Today, I observed 30-something het couple standing around the table full of patriotic junk discussing where they could display this and that. I assumed they would soon join the hoards buying beer and potato chips for their firework-viewing party. That's my cynical take on things anyway.

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