Monday, July 20, 2009

Blogging will be disjointed for a bit

Forty years ago today, my partner and I watched the moon landing together. (No, we hadn't become a couple yet -- that took another 10 years.) Our reaction: "Oh no, the first thing they do is start littering ..."

Today she defends her doctoral dissertation on the subject of U.S. torture in the post-9/11 context.

And both of us are bone tired, the special tiredness that follows on reaching the climax of a time-limited campaign. Not that all campaigns for justice and peace don't go on forever, but their interim moments do, as an early mentor told me, leave one feeling "flattened as if run over by a truck." The General Convention of the Episcopal Church was a grand experience, one with many lessons for progressives, no matter how little they identify with religious organizations. I intend to write more about it. But probably not today.


Thomas Nephew said...

Good luck -- we're thinking of you both.

Betty Johanna said...

Appreciate your (plural) hard work on this - and the hard work of everyone else involved. Unfortunately, don't think the Lutherans are following right behind.

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