Monday, July 20, 2009

A 'family' welcome

Working for LGBT inclusion at the Episcopal General Convention would have been a lot harder if it hadn't been for the warm welcome offered by the Courtyard Marriott where Integrity had set up its headquarters.

On arrival, each of the 20-or-so of us on the team received a letter with this greeting:
anaheim welcome letter top.jpg

This in a hotel where the rooms feature not only the obligatory Gideon Bible in a bedside drawer, but also The Book of Mormon. The manager had even printed our logo on his stationary for the occasion.
anaheim welcome letter-bottom.jpg

We used Mitch's hotel for a home base and video production studio for nearly two weeks -- without much disturbing the other Disneyland-bound guests, I hope. Sure, we provided some traffic to the bar, but mostly we were too tired even to eat, much less party.

At our farewell dinner, our hosts provided an appropriate gift to the happy crew:


Thanks to the staff and management of the Anaheim Disneyland Courtyard Marriott.

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