Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A premonition?

This picture is a by-product from my photoblog project: 596 Precincts -- Walking San Francisco. If intrigued, take a look and sign up for sporadic email updates.

I'm on the road and off the grid. Well, at least I intend to be free of the internet until early August, though I may drop in occasionally. But never fear -- there will be a new post here daily. Mostly visual posts, but intriguing I hope.


Kay Dennison said...

Love it!!!!

Hope you're having fun!!!

janinsanfran said...

Today we leave Granada, Spain for the Spanish iteration of the "Sierra Nevada" -- mountains nearly as high though less extensive than the California Sierra Nevada.

Yes, we are having great fun and loving Spain. Also feeling relieved to be off the grid for bit. Over and out ...