Thursday, July 04, 2013

Americas Cup in San Francisco Bay

I think it's an expensive boondoggle that will probably just cost San Francisco money while stroking the ego of Silicon Valley plutocrat Larry Ellison, but we happened to be on Marina Green yesterday. And so we got a gander at the strange vessels which will contest what used to be a gentleman's "yacht race."

They were doing training runs in a light breeze. They need the practice in these waters; last month one of these souped up engineering marvels flipped, killing an experienced British sailor. The vessel on the left is the Swedish entrant, Artemis; I don't know the provenance of the one with the clear sails.

Here's one of the Oracle vessels trying to fly.

Alcatraz Island does make a nice background.

Oracle has taken over the St. Francis Yacht Club for the duration. Marina Green is filling up with tents and concessions. In general, I think this is an area to avoid until late September when the racing concludes.

CORRECTION: Michael Strickland points out that last photo is of the Golden Gate Yacht Club. Shows what I know.

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Michael Strickland said...

Actually, that's the Golden Gate Yacht Club. The Saint Francis Yacht Club told Mr. Ellison to get stuffed when he tried to commandeer the group for the America's Cup race in 2010 in Spain.

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