Monday, July 01, 2013

Marching at Gay Pride to support Bradley Manning

free bradley manning banner.jpg
If you are not a San Franciscan, you may have missed the kerfuffle that had me out yesterday getting sunstruck at the annual Gay Pride Parade. Here's a tendentious synopsis: past grand marshals of the parade get to nominate who should receive the honor in subsequent years. Some of them suggested the young, gay, Army private currently being tried for passing to Wikileaks classified documents that the US government found embarrassing and which suggested that US forces had committed war crimes in Iraq. The kid had had enough; the military and the Obama administration have thrown the book at him.

Bradley Manning won the vote among the usual electors to be named Pride Parade Grand Marshal -- and the Pride Committee that puts on the event -- lines up corporate sponsors, arranges police and insurance, etc. -- flipped its lid. The vote could not be allowed to stand and it wasn't. The committee ditched its own procedures and nixed Manning on the grounds he doesn't live here.

So hundreds turned out to march in honor of Manning anyway in a huge contingent far back in the parade.

whistleblower contingent.jpg
After standing around for 3 hours, we were more than ready to move once we finally got off.

supporter with pompador.jpg
We were all kinds …

dkyes marching.jpg
… though I did see a lot of folks who, like me, haven't attended these somewhat overwhelming events for some time.

out of town visitors who fit right in.jpg
We weren't all local. These women were from visitors from Ohio.

cable car for the elders.jpg
A motorized cable car carried elders and some disabled folks.

cheering the contingent along.jpg
Many (it seemed like most) along the line of march cheered us along.

anon-free bradley.jpg
We believe Bradley Manning served his nation, even if the military can't see it that way.

proud of bradley manning, back.jpg
Yes -- we're proud of Private Manning.


Civic Center said...

My camera officially died yesterday and so did all those photos I took of our fabulous Bradley Manning contingent, so I may borrow a couple from you for my account. It was a wonderful time sharing sunstroke with you and being part of such a wide-ranging group in terms of age, gender, and sexual proclivities.

Classof65 said...

I thank you for attending and participating in the March for those of us who are too poor and too far away to attend in person!