Saturday, July 13, 2013

On the road and mostly off the grid

Today we take off for nearly three weeks wandering around Spain. This is new territory for us. We've spent time in Africa, a few weeks in tiny bits of west and east Asia, longer and shorter stretches in the reaches of the Americas, but the mother continent for U.S. white people -- Europe -- has not been our destination. Now it is. If I learn something (and I know I have vast amounts to learn), I'm sure it will turn up in future posting here, probably when we get back, possibly while we're there, though I hope to restrain myself.

Never fear -- there will be a new post here daily. Mostly visual posts, but intriguing I hope.

For now, I thought I'd share some relics of the days when my parents went a-voyaging to the Old World, some years before they were married.

Then as now, there was a market for selling pictures of themselves to tourists. On this 1926 tour bus in Milan, my father is the very young man 5th from the left.

Mother had adventurous parents who took their daughters on a Mediterranean cruise the same year. There she is, side-saddle on a donkey, somewhere in Jerusalem.
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