Monday, May 01, 2006

May Day immigrant march, San Francisco

The San Francisco Chronicle calls the crowds of marchers on San Francisco's Market Street this morning "thousands." For decades I've walked in peace marches and gay pride parades on that street and I can testify, this was as closely packed, as enthusiastic, and possibly as large of some of the largest marches I've ever seen there.

Thoughts later -- for now just pictures.

Marchers poured into downtown San Francisco all morning.

Soon the crowd was packed together.

There was great pride and excitement.


Eric Mar said...

Thank you for those incredible photos and your blog!

Civic Center said...

Nice photos, Jan. I'm going to be putting up a few myself at "Civic Center" when I get some time. Since I don't have anything particularly interesting or new to say about the issues, I think I'll be directing traffic here to this blog instead. So get that analysis ready.

And you're absolutely right about the 30,000 people figure. That's absurd, since people were coming and going from the Civic Center all day, and it was definitely more than 100,000. I just wish somebody had told me to wear white.