Sunday, November 06, 2016

Election oddments, part 3 -- gotta feed the GOTV troops

In election seasons, I try to donate small sums (I do mean small) to candidates in races that might matter, very early on. That means I'm on the list of every significant Democratic Senatorial candidate in this cycle (except Bayh [IN] who can spend his own money and Duckworth [IL] who has always had the seat nailed) and a small cast of House contenders. Then I stop contributing, having reached my limit. You can probably imagine the state of my email these days; hourly dozens of frantic pleas arrive and I delete them.

In this context, I loved this one. It's unlikely that money for TV ads has been effecive over the last month and possibly ever was effective. But money to feed the people who are doing the only work left to seems a legitimate thing to ask. This one is from the Progressive Change Campaign Committee.

On Tuesday this thing will be over, praise be! For the next few days I'll be putting up collected oddments that have caught my eye which will soon be just history.

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