Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Fear in the 'hood

I went by the taqueria tonight as the California polls were closing and the East Coast election results were already coming in. The terror was palpable. I have felt this before, in 1994, when this state passed Prop. 187, proclaimed we hated immigrants. Sometimes popular democracy is an ugly thing.


DJan said...

Jan, I always read you and am glad you are there. Today I can barely hold my head up, scared for the future of my country. Please don't stop your valuable blog, now that I need your voice of reason more than ever. Not that you were going to. :-(

janinsanfran said...

Djan: don't worry -- I won't be stopping. I've long thought that the Obama presidency has been a sort of rest cure in a life of acute struggle (not that it didn't have its own faults). This was a hostile place for many of us yesterday and it will be a hostile place tomorrow -- probably worse.

For the moment, a majority of fearful people have decided they'd rather blow the place up than pass on their inheritance to a new tribe still feeling its birth pangs. But that new tribe will come into being, sooner or later. It may be no better than the old one, but it will be different and what it is still depends on how we, now, participate in the new birth.

amspirnational said...

Why all the fear? Should the American populace be faced with less revolutionary/violent
conditions than neolibs e.g. Clinton purveyed to the Libyans and Iraqis and Syrians?
Susan Sarandon whom Obama she claimed had placed on the surveillance list in the past says no.

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