Monday, November 21, 2016


Erudite Partner has a new article published yesterday by TomDispatch, a syndication project of The Nation Institute. Here's how she begins; I suspect many will recognize these feelings.

Life Under Trump: Night Terrors and Daytime Hopes

The night after the election, this long-time pacifist dreamed she shot a big white man carrying an arsenal of guns.  He was wandering around a room full of people, waving a pistol and threatening to fire. Someone pushed a gun into my hand and said, “Shoot now, while his back is turned!” I shot. Blood seeped from a hole in his back. He fell. I woke up stunned.

And the election results had not changed.

Night Fears

More bad nights have followed, filled with dreams in which people who know me well accuse me of terrible things I haven’t done or of failing to protect people in my charge. ... And there have been nights when my partner and I hold each other in the dark and whisper our worst fears. ... Some fears are national ... Some are global ...

Don't worry, she gets to hope, on the other side of fear. Click through to read it all.


DJan said...

I just read the entire article by Erudite Partner and signed up to receive TomDispatch. Boy am I glad I have you (and it) to light my way forward. Thank you.

Hattie said...

Impressive and important.

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