Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Not normal

Influence per voter in the Electoral College
Lest anyone is tempted to forget, this is not normal. Hillary Clinton will almost certainly have received more than 2 million votes more than the President-elect when all the votes are tallied. That President-elect will have been won because, under the rules we use in our game, the Electoral College votes of the states where he prevailed count for more than the desires of the majority of the citizens.
... we have a result swung by a tens of thousands of votes in three crucial states. On the other hand, we have enormous impending changes in international and domestic policy. Americans would not regard the result as normal or proportional if they observed it anywhere else.
As it happens, I am not a big advocate for any of the clamorous efforts to get rid of the Electoral College. Sure, this ancient compromise ought to go. But that fight doesn't look for the moment like a particularly fruitful tactical avenue for preserving as much healthy future as possible. My priorities lean more toward shielding the vulnerable, creating material and cultural friction as the white nationalists try to impose their dystopian vision on the majority, and generally clawing out whatever progressive victories we can at local and state levels.

Your mileage may vary. We don't know yet what avenues of resistance to our abnormal circumstances will prove most fruitful. Let's try not to go in for circular firing squads. Analysis, yes; recriminations, a luxury for less desperate times.

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